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The webpage presents information about the town, it´s history, representative bodies, organisations and institutions in Levice.


The Town Levice was established on 1.1.1991 according to law No. 369/1990 Col. about municipal constitution.

The Town Levice is independent autonomous territorial body of Slovak Republic, uniting it´s own permanent residents.

The town decides independently and acts on it´s own behalf in matters connected with municipal administration and town property, if there´s no special law commending this tasks to the state or another legal body.

The performance of municipal administration is done by autonomous representative bodies - the Mayor and the Town Parliament. The Town Parliament can establish other bodies and give them occupation - Board of Representatives, special committees, Town Police and other temporary or control bodies.

The executive body of the Mayor and the Town Parliament  is the Town Hall.



Town Hall

Námestie hrdinov 1

934 32  Levice


Telephone: +421366350282, +421366350263
E-mail: msu @, info @, podatelna @


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